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  • 1.  Trying to give direct dial callers to an agent menu choices

    Posted 12-16-2011 15:21
    I am trying to give direct dial callers a choice to leave a voicemail or be put back into a queue if the person that they are trying to reach is not available, gone home, etc. For example, a person calls an agent's DID but that agent is in gone home status. I want the call to right three times and then present a menu that says "press 1 to go to voicemail, press 2 for another agent" or something along those lines. If anyone could give me guidance it would be very much appreciated.

  • 2.  RE: Trying to give direct dial callers to an agent menu choices

    Posted 12-16-2011 16:26
    You would need to be able to customize handlers but you should be able to accomplish this behavior pretty easily. You will need to modify the CustomVoiceMail handler. Also it looks like you need to set the server Parameter "Custom Voicemail Enabled" to True. In the customVoicemailHandler get EIC_DNISRoutedCall, if the attribue is set to Yes then you know that this was a DID call. Note that this does not distinguis between a DID call to a user, station or queue so if you want it to only be user we will have to look at other attributes. Also, keep in mind that if you just look for the 1 attribute the value will be YES throughout the call so if the person keeps bouncing around from user to user they will keep getting the up front menu, if needed you can add code to stop this. For the menu just use a play prompt toolstep to play whatever message you want. You can make 1 option to transfer to queue where you would initiate a blind transfer to whatever target you want. You could build logic to transfer to different destinations depending on the user. If you blind transfer make sure you set p_bTransferred to true. If the caller picks the option to leave a voicemail then just exist out of CustomVoiceMail with p_bTrasnferred still equaling false and the caller will go to the standard voicemail menu. I wrote this up pretty quickly so if you need anything clarified let me know.

  • 3.  RE: Trying to give direct dial callers to an agent menu choices

    Posted 12-16-2011 16:58
    Honestly I don't feel comfortable customizing handlers especially in a production environment. Is there anyway to do this in Interaction Attendant or Administrator?

  • 4.  RE: Trying to give direct dial callers to an agent menu choices

    Posted 12-16-2011 17:17
    You could set up Profiles in Interaction Attendant which match on the DNIS of each DID. One profile per DID since you want to be able to roll to the Agent's voicemail. Use Direct to Queue processing for the profile's Call Processing Style, and choose the Agent in the User Queue field. Set the "Seconds to wait..." field to 15 seconds or whatever you think reasonable to give the agent time to answer. Check the box for "Only perform 'direct to queue'...once per call". In the profile set up the options you want - 0 for Operator, 1 would be a Voicemail Transfer to that agent's voicemail, 2 would be a Group Transfer to the Agent's workgroup, etc. In my testing, when the agent is in a DND status, the call rolls straight to the profile menu, no ringing, and the caller can choose from the options. If the agent is available, it rings the agent's phone for the designated number of seconds, then rolls to the Attendant profile processing if the agent doesn't answer before the profile timeout. Make sure to set the profile timeout to be shorter than the agent's incoming call timeout in his client. That's the best i can come up with.