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IWP and Silverlight

  • 1.  IWP and Silverlight

    Posted 10-20-2020 11:23
    Good morning all,

    We are using IWP to allow some of our external customers to listen to live calls, playback call recordings and access to some reports. Question is since Silverlight will soon be going to end of support for Microsoft (believe October of 2021), has anyone heard of the plans to update IWP to not require Silverlight or a new product that will be replacing it?

    We understand that CX Insights is the planned replacement for the Marquee function of IWP but there are a few other functions as well (Live call monitoring, playback of call recordings, etc)

    Curious if there will be a replacement or if we need to consider developing our own solution to provide these functions.

    Thanks all!

    Shane Jenkins

  • 2.  RE: IWP and Silverlight

    Posted 10-21-2020 01:42
    Hello Shane, CX Insights is indeed the planned replacement for Marquee.

    Product Management has initiated conducting feature parity between IWP and IConnect/ICBM/IA and is in the process of mapping features to the right products. External party access to data was one crucial point where we wanted to hear more from stakeholders. We have indeed added this to our backlog in the Product Roadmap.

    Why don't we connect offline? Enables us to make the right decisions.

    Sai Prem
    PureConnect - Product Management

    Sai Prem M
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: IWP and Silverlight

    Posted 10-23-2020 11:18
    Hi Sai,

    Thanks for the reply. I just sent you an email on this. Please let us know if you need any other info as we'd like to help w regards to the future of IWP and/or it's successor especially when it comes to 3rd party/external accessibility.

    Shane Jenkins

  • 4.  RE: IWP and Silverlight

    Posted 03-03-2021 10:34
    Hello all,
    Has there been any further updates on this topic?  We have 7 months remaining before IWP becomes unusable.

    Anthony Greer
    Boehringer Ingelheim Singapore Pte Ltd