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Connecting PureConnect over Internet

  • 1.  Connecting PureConnect over Internet

    Posted 08-29-2021 22:20
    What is the best way to expose PureConnect server over internet so that remote gateway/media server and users can connect over internet?


    Wahidul Islam
    AEA International Holdings Pte. Ltd.

  • 2.  RE: Connecting PureConnect over Internet

    Posted 08-31-2021 14:45
    You basically have five choices.

    1. VPN using an adapter. In this case, the VPN is "terminated" at the adapter, not the PC, so the Media Server(s) IP Phones etc can use it.
    2. VPN using the SIP Bridge. In this case, the VPN is "terminated" on the PC, as normal, but your IP Phones can tunnel through it. Won't help for remote Gateways etc. though.
    3. VPN and Softphone. Like #2, the VPN is "terminated" on the PC, as normal. Since the Softphone is running on the PC as well, no SIP Bridge is required. Same issue with Gateways etc.
    4. Session Border Controller. This is a device that acts a bit like a NAT Firewall for VoIP.
    5. Open the ports in your Firewall. Try to avoid this solution! It's a major headache since much of the SIP information is carried in the body of the packets, which your firewall won't perform NAT on.

    I see you also mention remote Media Servers. If you are thinking remote office, then I would have your Network team set up a VPN tunnel using their routers (essentially a bigger version of option 1) so that both offices are "inside" your corporate LAN.


    Paul Simpson
    Senior Technical Instructor