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Encrpyted SIP-Lines in mixed environment

  • 1.  Encrpyted SIP-Lines in mixed environment

    Posted 10-22-2020 05:00
    Hi all,

    we have an mixed enviornment: Pureconnect & AlcatelLucent
    Currently all Sip-Lines between PSTN, PureConnect & Alcatel are not encrypted.

    Now we want to encrypt, wherever possible. Sadly the Alcatel does not support this out of the box.
    Can we encypt the SIP-Lines between PSTN and Pureconnect (and SoftPhones & Sipstations) while the SIP-Lines between PureConnect and Alcatel stay unencryptet?
    What happens if an encryptet call, e.g. from the PSTN to Pureconnect, gets transfered to the Alcatel.

    Will this work?

    Sven Dillenseger
    Daimler AG - Mercedes Benz Bank