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Agent disassociated from workgroup

  • 1.  Agent disassociated from workgroup

    GCAP Member
    Posted 01-16-2020 13:50
    ​I've encountered this 3x now.  I look at forecasted service level and it's all zeros(!!) as if I don't have any staff scheduled.  The forecasted SL of 0% is for past, current and future days. And when I look at Configuration > Agent Details, about half of my staff shows 'No Workgroup' under the workgroup column. So, I'm assuming that is causing my 0% SL since Optimizer doesn't think they are in any workgroup and is not counting them as contributing to requirements. I checked and they are in the correct workgroup in ICBM and Administrator, and they are getting calls in the correct workgroup.

    This usually only last a few hours, and as magically as it happened, it magically corrects itself. Has anyone else encountered this, and more importantly, know how to prevent it? I have a few directors that actually use the Intraday screen and they get really worried when they think we are forecasting consistent 0% service levels.

    Kenn Lambing

  • 2.  RE: Agent disassociated from workgroup

    Posted 01-17-2020 09:27
    Hi Kenn,

    Based on what you described, I would recommend you enter a ticket to Genesys Customer Care.  There is nothing in the Optimizer configuration that would drive that kind of inconsistent behavior.  Assuming all things in Interaction Administrator remain static, I see no logical reason for this.  Optimizer simply consumes agent workgroup/skill assignment from PureConnect.

    Chip Funk
    Manager, Business Consulting