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Upgrade Media servers gotchas?

  • 1.  Upgrade Media servers gotchas?

    Posted 08-26-2021 08:18
    So, i have given up on adding switch over to my DEV environment an have decided to upgrade my Media servers to move forward.  I always say this, but this should be as simple as running the upgrade on the Media server, followed by the patch and then validating right?  I wont need to redo the certs or anything more and based on the research I have done, the main gotcha is not upgrading the media and other sub systems before the cic.

    Any other words of wisdom?

    Christopher Becker
    State of Michigan - Oakland County - WRC

  • 2.  RE: Upgrade Media servers gotchas?

    GCAP Member
    Posted 08-26-2021 09:45
    The biggest thing I've run into lately is windows update service starts running and kills the install on Windows server 2016.  Other than that, it is very straight forward.

    In older releases, 2018's and before we would run into an issue sporadically because we manually disable the snmp service on the servers.  This service being disabled would cause the install to stall and eventually fail and it was a crapshoot as to whether or not the install would roll back or totally uninstall the media server application.  We had 2-3 of our 9 completely uninstall over the course of a few upgrades until we figured it out.

    It doesn't appear to be an issue anymore, since the install just carries on if the service is disabled.

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