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  • 1.  IVR Aborts vs Disconnects

    GCAP Member
    Posted 02-23-2021 15:22
    Hi to all!

    I'm looking to get some additional clarity around the differences in terms of "abort" vs "disconnect" in Attendant.  The data dictionary states the following:

    "When the exit reason is an abort of IVR, then the path will be "Abort". "Disconnect" will be used when an interaction disconnects while still in IVR"

    Ultimately, what I am hoping to achieve is how to determine the count of calls that either abandon or disconnect as a result of a telco network issue that might cause calls to drop.  Our client needs this in the event that an outage instance occurs, and if there is a way to derive this from the IVR data tables, this may help us complete this requirement.  In addition, we need to be to derive caller-generated disconnects vs disconnect conditions brought on by an outage.


    Barry Farrington
    PureConnect Cloud Administrator