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AI scedule activity's need to be edited

  • 1.  AI scedule activity's need to be edited

    Posted 05-22-2020 04:27

    Our customer implemented AI forascting and AI sceduling.
    Normally on a local generated scedule they can edit activities what is a common way to do before publishing.
    But with a AI generated scedule it is not possible.

    see: (AI-powered scheduling)
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    AI-powered scheduling
    AI-powered scheduling uses advanced functionality, features, and algorithms made available from the cloud-based AI-powered scheduling service. Interaction Optimizer sends scheduling data to the service. The service: Leverages advanced AI-modeling to automatically generate optimized schedules. Ensures accurate performance predictions. Interaction Optimizer processes an AI-powered schedule by using the server and the cloud-based scheduling service.
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    If you use AI-powered scheduling, you cannot:

    Is there a way to do it, or is there a workaround for this?

    Customer choose for AI because of the load on their local systems.

    How do I expain this customer they bought this and they cannot use is in a normal way?


    Kees Graveland.

    Kees Graveland
    Sr. Application Engineer Genesys and Verint @ Frontline Solutions