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Shift Defintions

  • 1.  Shift Defintions

    GCAP Member
    Posted 03-05-2020 11:22
    ​Please tell me I missed something in training! I'm creating shift definitions for a new work group and it's become REALLY complicated. This group has a meeting at 10:30 AM Tue, Thu and Fri, a meeting at 11:00 AM on Mon and Wed, and every Friday each associate has a 30 minute meeting with the supervisor and that varies by associate.

    So, I *think* each associate will need 3 daily constraints to account for all of this.

    Mon and Wed will have 11:00 AM meeting
    Fri will have 11:00 AM meeting and the rep specific meeting with supervisor
    Tue and Thu will have 10:30 AM meeting.

    The alternative to this would be to manually apply those meetings each week and manually adjust breaks and lunches as schedules are generated/published.

    I have worked with other WFM platforms where the shift definition just holds the start/stop times as well as lunches and breaks, but re-occurring or even one time events are stored as future exceptions and are applied as schedules are generated. That way the software can optimize lunches and breaks to account for the planned meetings and the scheduling person doesn't run into this issue with multiple daily constraints just to account for a meeting once a week.


    Kenn Lambing

  • 2.  RE: Shift Defintions

    Posted 03-06-2020 07:57
    Hi Kenn,

    Based on your scenario, you nearly nailed it.  You would in fact have 3 daily constraints in the Shift.  You list looks good but it looks like your Friday constraint should have the meeting at 10:30 am.  For 30 minute meeting with the supervisor use "relative to shift start" and open the window to nearly all day unless those meetings are fixed to allow Optimizer to place the meeting were it best serves your demand.  One built Optimizer will manage breaks and lunches based on demand as future schedules generate.

    Chip Funk
    Manager, Business Consulting