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Limit Time off requests to future

  • 1.  Limit Time off requests to future

    GCAP Member
    Posted 04-21-2021 12:22
    Hello all!
    We are interested in using the TimeOffRequest feature in Optimizer to allow our agents to select time off and we would like to set it to auto-approve.  Is there a way to EASILY limit the requests to tomorrow forward? Not today, yesterday or last week? I know it's a training issue to tell the associates NOT to do that, but it's nice to have a backstop in place as well. During initial testing, it let me select a TimeOff for last week and it was 'approved' by the system and the weekly schedule was alerting me that a timeOff code wasn't applied

    I have thought about a possible workaround, but I don't care for it.  We can simply go in at the end of each day and 'BlackOut' tomorrow or change the allowance to 0, but that seems like a pain and could easily be overlooked by WFM. In previous WFM software that I've used requests could be limited to a certain time period, generally once schedules are generated, you don't want associates scheduling TimeOff since some manual adjustments may need to be made to other schedules.

    Kenn Lambing