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Best ways for updating a Desktop client template

  • 1.  Best ways for updating a Desktop client template

    GCAP Member
    Posted 05-24-2021 20:40
    We are trying to push an updated template to the Desktop Client (we are removing one view and adding a new one, for a new addin).  According to what we can determine from the docs, the only way to do this is to edit the template in Desktop and then re-apply it from Interaction Administrator:

    This is a problem for our set up, as we have an insane number of users and roles (how we originally assigned the template) and the load is spread out over four servers.  Admins estimate it would take about 7hrs to do this manually, as only one role can be processed at a time and given the large user base it takes a very long time for each run.

    Does anyone have any tips or ideas on how to better accomplish this?  I've been looking at ICWS and ICElib but so far have come up with nothing...

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