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softphone in VDI environment

  • 1.  softphone in VDI environment

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    Posted 11 days ago
    Hi all,

    Looking at some other SIP Softphone discussions i am not sure what i am wanting to do will work, but thought i would verify with the Community.

    We are a VDI environment with about 500 agents where we are going to be moving about 15 to 20 agents to SIP Softphones. The problem is in our vdi environment we do not tie an agent to a specific machine, so when an agent logs in they grab random machine. I am looking for a way in Pureconnect to tie an agent to the SIP SoftPhone instead of the machine.

    what i am envisioning is much like a stations log in, when the agent logs into Interaction Desktop they select the SIP Softphone they want to connect too, which then provision's that manage SIP Softphone to the host they logged into. Is this possible?

    Thank you,

    Scott Williams
    Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority

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    Posted 5 days ago

    A word of caution, SIP soft phones are not supported when run through a VDI enviornment. Take a look at this testlab link: https://testlab.genesys.com/ProductsPage.aspx?ProductType=27

    Now with this being said I've run them in VDI environments for testing before without issue but I don't know if I would want to try this with agents where audio quality is very important. I would hate for you to roll this out, have an issue and then Genesys tell you they can't support your deployment.

    You may need to lock users to specific VDI server names to make support easier. I think you can provision the SIP soft phone via the TUI but I can't seem to find the documentation for how to do this so maybe they removed it.


    Mark Tatera

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