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Post Call Survey for Callbacks

  • 1.  Post Call Survey for Callbacks

    Posted 07-31-2020 18:27

    I am looking to setup a post call survey to offer to the caller.  I am not able to locate how or if this is possible.

    Secondary to this, I have need to play a survey that is based of the last workgroup entered.  At the moment, post call surveys are only offered from the point of entry workgroup.

    Thank you.

    Tami Bogatiuk

  • 2.  RE: Post Call Survey for Callbacks

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 11-10-2020 14:23
    So not sure if Interaction Survey can do this but we had a need for post call survey that was unique and built something in house.

    The rough outline for what I did is this when it pertains to callbacks:

    1. I set a custom attribute on the workgroup call STC_Survey and the value = 1 (since callback calls will go out on behalf of the workgroups they came in through)
    also set an attribute called SURVEY_PROFILE there and have the name of an atednant profile that we set up for call survey.
    2.Modified CustomInitiateCallRequest Handler to look for that custom attribute on the Workgroup and set the call Attribute STC_Survey = 1 and set a call attribute and value for SURVEY_PROFILE
    3.Made a new custom button called "Hang Up" and removed the right to Disconnect form every everyone
    4.Push a new client template with the Hang up button in the location where disconnect use to be
    5. The "Hang up" button calls a handler and it checks for STC_SURVEY = 1  if it is not true we hang up if it is set to 1 we transfer the call to the SURVEY PROFILE in attendant. (we have a customization to do this but you would want to figure out how to best transfer to attendant and the correct profile)
    6. We have an attend profile set up that is our survey. We ask the question and gather inputs and write all of that to custom attributes.
    7. We wrote a custom subroutine that takes all of the attributes from attendant survey and writes them to a custom DB table on our Data base
    8. We call this INSERT_SURVEY_RESULTS subroutine from the handler Customcalldisconnect but only if STC_SURVEY = 1.

    There is a rough outline of how we did some custom survey via handlers and attendant.  Then we just had our report dev group create SSRS reports from the data in SQL.

    ryan hedlund