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Queue Statistics By Interaction Type in ICWS

  • 1.  Queue Statistics By Interaction Type in ICWS

    GCAP Member
    Posted 11-05-2018 12:27

    I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to pull queue stats (Longest Wait Time for instance) based on the interaction type. For example, I'd like to get the longest wait time for calls even if there are callbacks or chats waiting longer.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Eliezer Stekel

  • 2.  RE: Queue Statistics By Interaction Type in ICWS

    GCAP Member
    Posted 11-05-2018 13:54
    Looking over the Queue stats section of the API, it doesn't appear that filtering like that is possible with the parameters available.  It looks like the method you may need to employ is to subscribe to queue events for the workgroup you are trying to get this information for and determine the value based on interaction attributes of the objects in the queue.

    Eic_ObjectType would contain the media type of the interaction
    Eic_CallStateString can let you determine if a call is 'ACD - Wait Agent' or not
    Eic_WorkgroupQueueTimestamp can show you the time that the call entered the queue to allow you to calculate the current wait time.

    The attributes TR could be a big help  https://help.genesys.com/cic/desktop/printables/attributes_tr.pdf

    Of Course this just covers the easy part of exposing the data.  The much more challenging part would be parsing the data returned from the queue messaging to figure out your wait time based on interactions added and changed.  This is just how I would attempt what you are trying to do and others may have far better suggestions.

    Either way, I hope this helps.

    Aaron Lael
    State of Utah

  • 3.  RE: Queue Statistics By Interaction Type in ICWS

    GCAP Member
    Posted 08-19-2020 11:21
    Edited by Eliezer Stekel 08-19-2020 11:21
    Hello everyone,

    We ended up dropping this project back then, but now it resurfaced.

    Here's what we're trying to do, we want to display the total amount of calls waiting across all of our queues and break that down by calls vs callbacks.

    The first part is easily achieved by subscribing to the statistic for all queues and then adding them all up, problem is that there's no statistic for interaction type, meaning to say that the statistic for interactions waiting is a total of all interactions in the queue regardless of their type, and I was unable to find any statistic that would give me the info I'm looking for.

    I tried subscribing to the queue with Eic_ObjectType attribute like this;


    {"queueIds": [{

              "queueType": 2,

               "queueName": "Customer Service General"}],

    "attributeNames": [



    This works, it returned the following message, which tells me under interactionsAdded which interaction was added and whether its a call or callback;

    {     "__type": "urn:inin.com:queues:queueContentsMessage",

          "isDelta": true,

          "subscriptionId": "123",

          "queueResultLimitExceeded": false,

          "interactionsAdded": [{

                "interactionId": "2232540433",

                "attributes": {

                   "Eic_CallId": "2232540433",

                   "Eic_ObjectType": "Call"}}],

          "interactionsChanged": [],

          "interactionsRemoved": []


    Problem with this is that when the interaction gets disconnected it does not show up under interactionsRemoved until about a minute later.

    Does anyone have any insight that can help me figure this out or if/how I can change how soon a disconnected interaction shows up in the messages under interactionsRemoved?

    Thanks a lot!

    Eliezer Stekel

  • 4.  RE: Queue Statistics By Interaction Type in ICWS

    Posted 08-20-2020 08:50
    I had this same issue with an app I was working with, and to get around this I added the call state to the watched attributes, and would not count the interaction when the state moved to disconnected.

    Sean Walls

  • 5.  RE: Queue Statistics By Interaction Type in ICWS

    GCAP Member
    Posted 08-20-2020 09:23
    Thanks for this tip @Sean Walls

    Eliezer Stekel