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Lost bookmarks/configuration in Interaction Desktop

  • 1.  Lost bookmarks/configuration in Interaction Desktop

    Posted 07-22-2021 09:04
    Edited by Piotr Jankowski 07-23-2021 03:43
    Hello Community,

    Our Customer workers have a problem with disappearing bookmarks in Interaction Desktop
    Each time the application (Interaction Desktop) is launched, the view restarts to default(users see only "My Interaction", "Call History", "Company Directory" bookmarks)

    I logged in to the Interaction Desktop. I have view/layout with active 3 bookmarks: "My Interaction", "Call History", "Company Directory". I am adding a "Dial Pad" bookmark.
    Logs out of the Interaction Desktop: File --> logout. Then File -> Finish.
    I run the Interaction Desktop again. The bookmark last added does not appear (in this case: "Dial Pad")
    Each attempt made again with the selection of a different bookmarks ends the same.

    We have verified that the new version of the temp file is not being overwritten(InteractionDesktop.zip)
    Local Path:
    C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Interactive Intelligence\IceLib\%servername%\AppSettings\%username%\
    Pure Connect Server Path:
    We checked that users have correct access to this location (write, read, modify)
    The problem only occurs in the customer's Production environment.
    We were unable to reproduce this bug in the customer`s development environment.
    The entries in the interactiondesktop.ininlog do not clearly indicate the source of the problem.


    Piotr Jankowski
    Telefonix Sp. Z o.o