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PureConnect and Genesys Cloud Integration for WebRTC duplicate extensions

  • 1.  PureConnect and Genesys Cloud Integration for WebRTC duplicate extensions

    Posted 02-04-2021 13:31

    Hope this finds everyone doing well! Question for the community. Is anyone using the web based phone/webRTC integration between PureConnect and Genesys Cloud? We are working to get it ready for production use and have ran into new challenge.

    Our issue is we have more users sync'd in Genesys Cloud than we have in PureConnect. What we have found is approximately 180'ish orphaned users that no longer exist in PureConnect but still have a Genesys Cloud account. Many of these orphaned users are consuming a web based phone extension. We assume that at times when an account in Int. Admin was deleted the said account in Genesys Cloud was not removed. What has happened is this, PureConnect thinks the user has been removed thus it re-uses the individuals web based phone extension and we end up with duplicate phone extensions in Genesys Cloud. Truthfully the user has been removed from PureConnect but he/she still exists in Genesys Cloud.

    The second part of this challenge is when searching Genesys Cloud only the original user (who no longer exists on the PureConnect side) is the only user showing the extension. We cannot find a way to easily find and correct the duplicate extension issue.

    Has anyone ran into something like this? If so, any ideas for an easier way to resolve than working through all users individually?

    Thanks all. I may not have explained this well but can try to elaborate more if needed.