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Google ca cert for Gmail integration

  • 1.  Google ca cert for Gmail integration

    GCAP Member
    Posted 06-11-2021 17:22
    Greetings and happiest of Fridays to you all!

    I'm sure any of you who support an instance of PureConnect that is integrated with Gmail are familiar with the CA Root certificate issue we experienced a while back that caused authentication for Gmail to fail from PureConnect (KB Article on Google CA Cert)  Well, the cert attached to the article expires December of this year, and based on what I've experienced, Google updated it sometime Wednesday of this week.

    That's when we started seeing intermittent errors related to the root ca cert in the gmailserver log on the IC server and resulting in failures to complete the ssl handshake to accounts.google.com to allow us to send and receive email from gmail.

    I do have an open high priority support ticket on this, but I was also able (so it seems currently) to resolve this myself with certtrustu.exe from the IC server.

    Running:  certrustu.exe -e -y accounts.google.com 443

    Pulled in all 4 certs (and the new root ca cert) into the certificates\email directory on the server and after a quick restart of the gmailconnector service the mail processed and the errors relating to the SSL handshake were gone.

    I just wanted to post this in case anyone else ran into the same issue.


    Aaron Lael
    State of Utah

  • 2.  RE: Google ca cert for Gmail integration

    Posted 24 days ago
    Hi Aaron,

    I think I have the same problem you indicated here, but I have tried to follow your steps and still continue with the problem.

    Since yesterday one of my clients that uses Gmail in PureConnect is having a mail connector failure, opening a case with Genesys support they indicate us the same KB Article that you indicate, after copying the file of that KB I continue having the same problem.

    What I have done next, is to execute the command that you indicate:

    certrustu.exe -e -y accounts.google.com 443

    But I still have the same problem in the gmail_connector log:

    HunnyClient::connect() :
    ErrorCode: error.googlelib.imap
    Description: Failed to find the CA certificate
    Function: HunnyClient::connect()
    File(Line): //eic/2020r4_p09/products/eic/src/googlelib/imap/HunnyClient.cpp#1(68)
    Parameters: 'nativeCode' => "15"

    Can you think of any ideas to help me?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.

    Carlos Camacho Jimenez
    Team Vision S. A.

  • 3.  RE: Google ca cert for Gmail integration

    Posted 24 days ago
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    Hi again Aaron,

    As I indicated I tried to generate the certificates with the command:

    certrustu.exe -e -y accounts.google.com 443

    This generated some files (4a6481c9.0, 99bdd351.0 and ff81ec63.0) in the folder "I3\IC\Certificates\Email". After restarting the Gmail connector I still had the same problem and the gmail_connector log still showed the error "Failed to find the CA certificate".

    I contacted Genesys support again and they generated the following certificates (5ad8a5d6.0, 1001acf7.0 and c06d5c68.0), after restarting the Gmail connector it started to work correctly and the error message no longer appeared in the gmail_connnector log. I upload this certs.zip here.

    Genesys told me that the Gmail Care team should be the one to notify me of these certificate updates. On the other hand, they also told me that the KB you indicated is obsolete and that they would tell their colleagues to update it with the new certificates I indicated above.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best regards.

    Carlos Camacho Jimenez
    Team Vision S. A.


    certs.zip   4 KB 1 version