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Line Configuration - Identity (out) Diverted value

  • 1.  Line Configuration - Identity (out) Diverted value

    Posted 09-18-2020 12:32
    We have recently had our SBC replaced by our CO (CenturyLink) and since then have had issues when using the 'Available, Forward' status of calls being dropped. We have determined that this new SBC does not support using SIP REFER on transfer so we would like to be able to configure the Identity (out) in the Line Configuration to use a diversion header when calls are forwarded.

    Our CO has helped us to determine what information is required to be passed. It has been suggested by Genesys support to place the expected address in the 'Diverted Header Address' field. I have asked for clarification since I can't seem to find 'Diverted Header Address' field, but have yet to hear back.

    I have read through the IA documentation with regard to configuring a SIP Line. In particular the SIP Line Identity (out) options, but I am still having trouble understanding where to configure the Diverted Value so that it can be used in diverted calls (Status: Available Forward or Available, Follow-me) with the 'use diverted value'

    I would appreciate hearing how others may have set this up.

    Thank you,

    Petit Kristan
    Network Services
    Eugene Water and Electric Board