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Seperating call recording channels (agent vs caller)

  • 1.  Seperating call recording channels (agent vs caller)

    Posted 05-21-2021 13:35
    We are working on a project that requires AI to analyze each voice channel seperately (Agent vs caller). Is this possible in Pureconnect using some of the newer codes like OPUS?
    Thanks in advance

    Kleid Gjataj

  • 2.  RE: Seperating call recording channels (agent vs caller)

    Posted 05-22-2021 02:49
    You can select the format of the recordings in Interaction Administrator: Select System Configuration -> Interaction Recorder on the left side and then Configuration on the right: In the tab "Recording Processing" you can select the Compression Format "Opus (Dual channel)".

    see Administrator Help for more details.

    Hans-Gerd Sandhagen
    Software Developer
    Fiebig GmbH

  • 3.  RE: Seperating call recording channels (agent vs caller)

    Posted 05-23-2021 20:53

    I have recently had trouble getting Opus dual channel recording working on all calls defined by the recording policy.
    There were a lot of recordings still being recorded as .wav instead of .opus.

    To get it working took 3 steps:
    1)  Change the recording format to Opus Dual Channel in the Interaction Recorder config
    2)  Make sure there are no workgroups that have the "Record all Interactions" check box ticked. This option forces recording in .wav format. This has been replaced with the recorder policy so not needed any more. Make sure you change the recorder policy to include this workgroup.
    3)  If you are using Interaction Feedback make sure the feedback questionnaires don't have the check box "Record the Interaction" checked. That also forces recording in .wav format and has been replaced by using the recorder policy.

    I hope that helps.

    Richard Presling
    Pyrios / AGC Networks / Blackbox New Zealand