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Pure Connect Trace Log Retension Preiod

  • 1.  Pure Connect Trace Log Retension Preiod

    Posted 06-02-2021 21:59
    Hi all,

    Good day!
    Just want to know how can I configure the Pure connect server to keep more than 7 days log?
    I follow below step but seems not work, is this step still valid?

    Adjusting the Retention of Trace Logs

    The number of days that ININ trace logs are kept on a machine needs to be modified.
    Adjust the values by:
    1. Open System Properties (Right click 'My Computer' and click properties.)
    2. Select the Advanced tab
    3. Click the Environment Variables button
    4. In the System Variables section of the dialog, click NEW
    5. Use the variable name: ININ_TRACE_LOG_RETENTION
    6. Use the varaible value of the whole number of days you want to keep (1 to N days)
    Note: This change is not dynamic and requires a server reboot to take effect.

    Thanks, Frankie

  • 2.  RE: Pure Connect Trace Log Retension Preiod

    GCAP Member
    Posted 06-03-2021 02:23

    I just created a windows batch file to copy the log folders to a new location once they were 6 days old.
    This avoided the possibility of overfilling the server log folder.
    in the new location i have another batch file that deletes the log files once they age beyond 30 days old.

    Tarquin Bell
    Precision Administration Services (Pty) Ltd

  • 3.  RE: Pure Connect Trace Log Retension Preiod

    Posted 06-03-2021 07:37
    This setting does work, I have always increased it for all my customers.

    BUT I must say it, even if it might sound stupid......it will not work unless you reboot the servers where you set the attribute, this was a mistake I did the first time.  But they do mention this in the instructions as well :)

    Just make sure you have both ININ_TRACE_ROOT and ININ_TRACE_LOG_RETENTION set, to be sure.

    I just have a 200Gb drive dedicated for logs, and it never comes close to filling up up even with Notes logging on all the main files.  I have logs retained for 30 days, and that rarely goes over 50Gb.  I have quite a few Handler mods, and the customer is using Webchat and Calls only. (5-8000 calls a month, and 1-2000 webchats a month).

    Best of luck,

    Egill Palsson
    Advania Sverige AB

  • 4.  RE: Pure Connect Trace Log Retension Preiod

    Posted 06-03-2021 08:17
    Yes this setting still works, I increase logging to 10 days.

    A reboot is required after making the change, until the server is rebooted it wont have any impact.

    ryan hedlund