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Deriving Calls per Second

  • 1.  Deriving Calls per Second

    GCAP Member
    Posted 11-09-2020 11:55
    Hi - I'm looking to see if there is some means to derive calls per second coming into the platform at any one given time.  I'm not seeing any data point in the system statistics view in ICBM, where I would logically expect to see something like that.

    Any assistance that can be provided would greatly be appreciated.


    Barry Farrington
    PureConnect Cloud Administrator

  • 2.  RE: Deriving Calls per Second

    GCAP Member
    Posted 11-09-2020 12:05
    I'm taking this to mean something like concurrency in any given second.  If I'm misunderstand, apologies.

    To calculate this previously, I picked a date range from the interaction summary table and exported the data that was pertinent, call start and end, inbound/outbound, etc.

    Then I wrote a script to basically parse the data in one second intervals to count the number of calls that the given second falls in between the start and end time of the call.

    This isn't perfect, but we used it to estimate peak concurrency for capacity planning purposes.

    State of Utah

  • 3.  RE: Deriving Calls per Second

    Posted 11-10-2020 13:05

    Closest thing that I have seen in ICBM is using the "System Graph" view, choosing interaction statistics and selecting something like active calls. You may want to also add SIP station calls as well to subtract the internal calls from the total.  The problem with this view is that is it live, so while it works for current statistics, you cant see how it was compared to something like a week or year ago. 

    Other than that, we do something similar to what Aaron described, using the interaction summary table to get the data we need.  We also look at the CallHistory table in the dialer database to get dialer calls per second.

    Brad Burton
    Prog Leasing, LLC

  • 4.  RE: Deriving Calls per Second

    Posted 12-11-2020 03:19
    You can pull the nEntered value from the DB from linegroups for an interval (both inbound and outbound or one or the other depending on you interest).  If your intervals are 30 minutes, then the number of calls you get divided by 1,800 (30*60) will give you average calls per second.  If your intervals are set to 15 minutes, then you would divide by 900.  Peak will exceed average, but average should be sufficient for general administration visibility.

    If there is risk of CPS exceeding system limits, then cps limits should be managed with carrier or SBC upstream from PureConnect.

    There are also ways to load balance calls across multiple PureConnect servers performing IVR functionality.  If the IVR containment is good, then the smaller cps of calls that transfer to agents could be directed from two or more "IVR" servers to a single "ACD" pair where your agents are logged in.  This is a little complicated as you have to pass meta data between the PureConnect servers.

    PureConnect supports inbound call rate of up to 20 cps will 100% of calls recorded.  That is enough for most usage, but there are architectures as I described that can scale horizontally as much as you want.

    Drew Drew Bisson
    Chief Architect
    Genesys - Employees