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Answer Machine Detection Testing

  • 1.  Answer Machine Detection Testing

    Posted 20 days ago
    Good afternoon,

    I'm fairly new to Pure Connect so have only been using the system for a few months.  I want to test the accuracy of the AMD equipment to ensure we're not generating silent calls or false positives,  and to establish how accurate it is on Pure Connect.

    Are the calls that are detected by AMD technology recorded and available for call listening?

    What's the best way to test the AMD accuracy?

    Kind regards


  • 2.  RE: Answer Machine Detection Testing

    Posted 18 hours ago
    Hello David,

    I believe you could set up a policy with Interaction Recorder to be able to listen to those calls (post-connect audio, which would allow you to review machines, live speakers, and busy tones; SIT tones and audio during pre-connect would not appear in that recording from my understanding).


    Jason McDowell
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: Answer Machine Detection Testing

    Posted 16 hours ago
    Thank you very much.

    David James


  • 4.  RE: Answer Machine Detection Testing

    Posted 5 hours ago
    Edited by Cenk Gunduz 4 hours ago
    Dear David,

    If you have a default policy on Interaction Reorder to record all calls this will allow you to listen all calls which are connected to agents even they are Answering Machine Calls.

    If the AM call is assigned to an agent this also means system does not recognize that call even it is an AM call and you can listen it via Interaction Recorder.

    Other way to listen all such calls is to enable Diagnostic Call Recording on Media Servers. Then such calls are recorded in a separate folder and you may listen them directly by double clicking.


    Cenk Gunduz