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  • 1.  SIP REFER / Call Putback

    Posted 10-19-2020 18:41
    Good afternoon,

    I am new to configuring Lines and Line Groups in Interaction Administrator so I am hoping that someone may have had the same issues and would be able to assist me with our configuration.

    We have two primary locations, each with an SBC. Recently one of our SBCs was replaced. Since the replacement, we have been seeing intermittent call disconnects/drops when calls are forwarded as well as unexpected conference calls (calls not being released on transfer). We have determined that the cause goes back to when our SBC was replaced. The new SBC model does not support SIP REFER whereas the other SBC does support SIP REFER.

    We have been working with both our CO and Genesys to try to resolve this issue. One of the suggestions was to use a 'Diversion Header' in our SIP Line configuration as a work around for the SBC that does not support SIP REFER.

    We added the diversion header to the new SBC line configuration and tested. What I found was when the diversion header was enabled on the new SBC, and the sip REFER was enabled on the other SBC that if an inbound call came in through the SIP REFER SBC line and was going out to the non-SIP REFER SBC line, sip REFER (call putback) will fail and CIC would instead conference the calls (as a result of consult transfer). This will result tying up multiple lines and potentially additional carrier costs (possibly Alien TN charges).

    Is there way to configure these two SBCs so that the one can use SIP REFER and the other does not or do both SBCs need to support SIP REFER to function as expected?


    Kristan Petit
    Eugene Water & Electric Board