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SIP SoftPhone

  • 1.  SIP SoftPhone

    Posted 09-13-2020 07:39

    When make provision SIP SoftPhone as station, in the first time the provision procedure required enter the admin user and local password as certificate,
    So is there any way to make it auto from server for any new SIP SoftPhone as enter the IPs for each Workstation?

    Sajed Salah
    Fourth Dimension Systems

  • 2.  RE: SIP SoftPhone

    Posted 09-27-2020 07:59
    Hi Sajed,

    Is your CIC server and station under the same domain? If yes you can configured the Provision server on the DHCP server, there is a document


    Or when you configure the station make sure you entered Full Computer Name for the first time it will ask you to provision the station but it should not ask for username and password.


    Mohammed Bazzi
    Viacomms Telecom KSCC