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How to manipulate with system's view programmatically

  • 1.  How to manipulate with system's view programmatically

    Posted 6 days ago

    We are facing following issue.
    Need to reply to email from custom view. The goal is to reuse "Current Interaction" view, where "Reply", "Reply All" and "Forward" buttons are already present and this view provides functionality what we need. We do not want to duplicate mentioned functionality like creating "custom" view with "email editor".

    Scenario is:
    - there are two buttons "BTN1" and "BTN2" in "Custom" view
    - if agent presses "BTN1" or "BTN2", then switch to "current interaction view", where one can compose emails.(e.g. for replying or for forwarding emails)

    Is there possibility to switch between views programmatically (we are using ICWS SDK)? E.g. press button in "custom" view and then switch user to "current interaction" view.
    Is there possibility to manipulate with "system's" buttons on "current interaction" view programmatically? E.g. rename standard ones ("Reply", "Reply All" or "Forward") to something, which meets our needs. E.g. disable standard ones, add new "custom" ones.

    Sorry for my english (-:

    Appreciate all hints and help

    Best regards


    Pavel Broska
    Alcasys Slovakia a.s