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ICWS request to reset dialer campaigns

  • 1.  ICWS request to reset dialer campaigns

    Posted 14 days ago
    We created an automation a while back to insert calldata to a Dialer campaign and have now discovered that there are possibilites to send an ICWS request to do a campaign reset which will remove one step from our management every day.

    However, even though we create a session call (which works fine) the next call just never executes.

    Have anyone used the https://help.genesys.com/developer/cic/docs/icws/webhelp/icws/(sessionId)/dialer/reset-campaign/index.htm

    We read the documentation that we should just provide the campaignId and GUID of the campaign as a JSON object in the body,

    "campaignId" : "3D9BE3C234224297B799C60B126567C0"}

    And we have tried alot of variations of the campaign GUID :)

    But we always get the same error message back.

        "message""Invalid parameter value was specified."

    Suggestions or pointers to the correct syntax?
    The CSRF Token and Cookies etc are correct in the call, so they are not the issue.


    Pontus Bjorling
    Senzum AB