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ipTTY / Accessibile Solutions

  • 1.  ipTTY / Accessibile Solutions

    Posted 02-15-2021 22:26

    Hello folks,

    Our contact centre remote, like many of years, due to COVID-19. Prior to that, we had an old analogue telephone connection setup with an ancient TTY machine to accomodate customers requiring that service. It isn't used much anymore, but we'd like to keep that service going and are looking for options to do it electronically/via SIP/VoIP.

    ipTTY was recommended to me by Genesys sales reps. They were explaining that I need to have my POTS TTY line ported over to the company used with our Genesys system, then route it to the IP based TTY solution. Their exact words were to "Point the DID sent to your analog phone to your SIP switch. Setup a call ground with your SIP switch and assign ipTTY skilled agents to it. Have the single inbound DID that used to point to your analog phone bank now point to your call group with the ipTTY extensions assigned to it." We were a little confused on next steps, so we reached out to Genesys for assistance but they said they were unable to offer any whatsoever.

    So my next step is to reach out to the group! How did you handle this issue? Anyone using ipTTY? How did you do the back-end config?

    MANY thanks in advance,



    Cody Dzik
    City of Winnipeg

  • 2.  RE: ipTTY / Accessibile Solutions

    Posted 02-18-2021 07:56
    Hello Cody,

    Have you already found a solution? I do not have experience with ipTTY but from what I understand based on some quick research you'll need to have an ipTTY phone and the rest is configuring the system as you would receive a normal call.

    Dieter Wijnen
    Telenet BVBA