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  • 1.  For Recording Storage Local or External

    Posted 07-15-2021 04:43


    Good Day,

    We would like to get your opinion. Is storing recordings on the media servers is still efficient and safe or its better to have a external storage for the recordings. As we have a new project and its around 500agents to be utilized.

    Is there any documentation stating what is the best recording storage for Pureconnect.. if its local only on we need external storage.



    Dan Kenneth Sta Iglesia
    Perfect Presentation Telecommunication

  • 2.  RE: For Recording Storage Local or External

    Posted 07-18-2021 22:51
    Interaction Recorder has lots of options to store recordings.    Recording are made on the media server and can be stored there ( personally I would not recommend that)   or any network path.   You could also store them in an S3 bucket.  If you have enough recordings, you should also look at a remote content server (RCS) that handles moving recordings to storage and access request, such as playback..

    Rick Lyndon
    Staff Software Engineer - Team Lead