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Auto Answer for Digital channel

  • 1.  Auto Answer for Digital channel

    GCAP Member
    Posted 02-05-2020 02:21
    Dear Team,

    How we can make auto answer for Chat , Email and Messaging interactions ?.


    Noufal Ebrahim


  • 2.  RE: Auto Answer for Digital channel

    Posted 02-07-2020 10:43

    Auto answer ACD interactions option in the user queue will make the interaction automatically pop up when the interaction is received. This works for all interaction types. Please ensure auto answer ACD interactions is enabled in the user's configuration and let me know if this fixes your issue.


    Mark Tatera

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  • 3.  RE: Auto Answer for Digital channel

    Posted 08-17-2020 10:42
    Hello Mark,

    We have the same question for email interactions and how to "auto answer." The only place that we are able to locate the "auto answer" is under the People & Permission>Phone; however, that setting appears to be specifically for ACD phone interactions. We've tested it by changing it to "auto answer" enabled but it is not working when assigning an agent to only receive emails. Is there a different setting we should be looking for?

    Thanks for your help.


    Jaime Perez
    New Avon Company, a Delaware Corporation