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Viewing sent emails in Interaction Desktop

  • 1.  Viewing sent emails in Interaction Desktop

    Posted 03-31-2021 15:17

    We are moving from Exchange to PureConnect for email and user are transitioning from using Outlook to using Interaction Desktop for inbound email. A certain group needs to see the emails that they sent to customers. Similar to the 'Sent Items' folder in Outlook, is there a way for sent emails to be saved and viewable to users in Interaction Desktop?


    Chudi Igboemeka
    Start Communications

  • 2.  RE: Viewing sent emails in Interaction Desktop

    Posted 04-01-2021 03:22
    Hello Chudi,

    PureConnect itself does not store outgoing emails. Once the email interaction is disconnected, everything is "gone".
    BTW this also applies to incoming emails.

    To save sent/received emails a customization is needed (e. g. handlers that would store the emails in a database for example).
    Another possibility would be to let the emails be stored by the email server(s) (IMAP, SMTP, EWS) from which PureConnect is retrieving/sending the emails from/to and granting access to the users who need it. This is however completely independent from the PureConnect system.


    Marcelo Heil França
    InfinIT.cx GmbH