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Client Apps issue

  • 1.  Client Apps issue

    Posted 06-15-2021 17:00
    I opened a case with support, but it's hopeless, so I'm coming to the pros.

    Recently (no known cause) when I log into Interaction Desktop or ICBM and try to 'Use Windows Authentication,' Desktop gives me an error telling me that I do not have the I3ACCESS_Client license, but I do.
    ICBM tells me that my password has expired, but it hasn't.
    I can log into either one of them using the normal IC credentials.
    Additionally, Interaction Administrator always logs me in as cicadmin, even though I've never logged into a client as cicadmin from my local machine.

    I've tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling, but to no avail.
    I've scoured the registry, but can't find anything there.
    I've also deleted profile xmls and such.

    Any ideas?



    Brandon Weaver

  • 2.  RE: Client Apps issue

    GCAP Member
    Posted 06-15-2021 17:07
    Everything you're describing sounds like the NT Domain User value for your "cicadmin" account somehow got changed to your domain username.

    This would explain why you can use IC auth as that is separate, but would also likely explain your other issues as it is unlikely that you have licenses assigned to your cicadmin login.

    This is just an assumption based on what you've explained so far.

    State of Utah

  • 3.  RE: Client Apps issue

    Posted 06-16-2021 09:46
    Thanks Aaron! I checked those accounts and they were good.
    Turns out it was cicadmin credentials that had been stored in Windows Credentials Manager on my machine for one our servers, where I logged in as cicadmin.
    I removed those credentials and viola, it worked!

    Thanks again for the response!


    Brandon Weaver

  • 4.  RE: Client Apps issue

    Posted 06-16-2021 15:23
    Just a tip - never log in as CICAdmin, it's almost never required. (I recommend making your user a member of the Administrators Role.)

    It also means you can turn off interactive login for the CICAdmin user in Windoze, which in turn may help you persuade the security folks to exempt the user from password change policies, which on turn will save a whole world of pain...

    Just sayin'

    Paul Simpson
    Senior Technical Instructor

  • 5.  RE: Client Apps issue

    Posted 06-16-2021 01:46
    Hi Brandon,

    Can you upload client app's log @100?

    Guchan Erzorlu​​

    Guchan Erzorlu
    Call Center Resources Dan. A.S