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TimeOff when changing Scheduling Units

  • 1.  TimeOff when changing Scheduling Units

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    Posted 18 days ago
    I've run into a problem with moving agents from one Scheduling Unit to another.  Their TimeOff doesn't carry over. We have at least 2 scheduling units, as it should be, they have completely different call types and completely different agents--Normally.

    A director insisted that we move some agents from SU 1 to help out with SU 2, full time, but only for a few months.  So, I gave the impacted agents a shift definition in SU 2, generated schedules in SU 2.  This would have to be done to ensure they are counting as staffing the correct workgroup.  But, we have hit a snag.  Some of those agents were already approved for time in SU 1, but when schedules are generated in SU 2, the time off isn't applied.  And even worse, when we pull up schedules in SU 1 we are getting 'Time Off Difference' notifications since they have TimeOff entered in Time Off Requests, but they don't have schedules for it to be applied to.

    I don't like the idea of manually deleting TimeOff in SU 1 and re-adding it in SU 2.  Am I moving agents incorrectly?  I know this could be solved with having just ONE SU, but I don't like the idea of pulling up 300+ schedules each time I need to make a schedule change and for the most part they are completely separate work streams..  And this is just a temporary situation that should resolve itself in 2 months or so.

    I'd love to hear ideas!

    Kenn Lambing