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  • 1.  Phone Number Management

    Posted 11-20-2021 20:24
    Ok so we just spun off and the old parent company had a decent homegrown phone number management tool for some BU's

    I have extracted the roughly 4,000 numbers and moved over to a new pure connect instance looking to see what everyone is doing for phone number management.

    I just went ahead and dumped what I had from this project in an excel cut book over to a DB table for now:

    I was planning to just pull all numbers out of here with a handler and then look up if they are assigned anywhere.

    I already have this logic from a chat bot I built that looks up in Attendant, DID table, User extension, Workgroup extensions, Station Extensions, Station groups, etc.

    I was thinking build off this logic that already exists then write the data back to the DB by just updating the record.

    There are 4,000 number so I would do this at night, every night, so its not real time, but daily.

    Looking to see what else you guys/gals may have come p with etc.

    ryan hedlund