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  • 1.  Monitored Apperances status icons only suddenly stop displaying

    Posted 05-04-2021 11:19
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    Has any one had users experience and issue where the Status Icons in Monitored Appearances in Interaction Desktop and Workgroup Details in ICBM (i.e. Lunch, Break, DND, etc) suddenly stop displaying and only displaying the default icon? 

    We have had several users experience this. It was working fine the day prior and the issue seems to only be isolated to specific workstations and does not follow the user from computer to computer. I can log into my computer with agents IC account and the icons display as expected, however if I log into my IC account on the agents computer the icons DO NOT display as expected. Basically and IC account used on the affected computer experiences the same behavior. 

    The Session Manager logs show that there's an MD5 checksum that's failing on one of the status icons in Session Manager. Apparently the default handling of that is to not transfer any of the icons through to HTTPPluginHost out to the Interaction Desktop. 

    The status message icons are configured in IA to be pulling to icons from the CIC share's Resources folder (i.e. \\CIC_Server\Resources\AwayFromDesk.ico) therefore if there was an issue with the icons this would be affecting every user, and the users in question are able to access this share. 

    We done full system reboots, switchovers and have deleting the user's Interaction Desktop settings from the AppData folder, done uninstalls and reinstalls to no avail.

    The only thing that has fixed the issue for users is to have them get a new computer since the issue does not follow them from computer to computer.

    I've opened a ticket with Genesys, but they just want you to keep turning up logs and rebooting the CIC Servers and Session Managers. It's not easy for us to just be rebooting our environment a couple times a week as our change control rules are rather strict. I spend more time gathering and uploading logs than they do researching the issue. 

    I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this as it isn't practical to just be swapping out users workstations. 


    #statusicons #InteractionDesktop #pureconnect #md5​​​​​​

    Michael Bishop
    UnitedHealth Group/Optum

  • 2.  RE: Monitored Apperances status icons only suddenly stop displaying

    Posted 04-01-2024 15:39

    We have just had a couple people report this as well. looking for a solution. 

    Michael Coughlan
    Delta Dental Plan of Michigan, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Monitored Apperances status icons only suddenly stop displaying

    Posted 04-02-2024 02:00

    Hi Michael,

    I saw this problem when users were not able to reach to the server via \\server\share.

    I believe this is not the case.

    Maybe you can try following server parameter :

    EnableDynamicStatusIconUpdates = Yes



    Guchan Erzorlu
    Call Center Resources Dan. A.S

  • 4.  RE: Monitored Apperances status icons only suddenly stop displaying

    Posted 04-02-2024 11:17

    I don't remember exactly what the solution was to this issue, and it doesn't look like you can see Genesys support tickets older than 18 months on their site now so I can't look up to see what the solution was and a similar ticket that we had I am not able to view it just brings up a blank screen. I just asked my Team in our daily meeting and nobody could remember either. As mentioned by others, I know we have has issues where users lost all status icons and that was related to the permission to access the share, but this was different as it was only status icons in Monitored Appearances. Some things that come to mind that I would do for troubeshooting this are

    1.) Removing and re-adding the agents to Monitored Appearances

    2.) Logging in as the affected user on a different machine to see if the issue follows the user account or is specific to a workstation. On the users machine log into Interaction Connect/Desktop as a different user to see if the issue affects that user.

    3.) If this is happening in Interaction Connect does it also happen in Interaction Desktop and vice versa?

    4.) Exit Interaction Desktop and delete the users profile from the server (E:\I3\IC\Work\Users\Username)

    5.) Exit Interaction Connect and delete the json files from the users profile folder (E:\I3\IC\ClientSettings\USERNAME\PersonalStorage\ApplicationSettings)

    I don't recall if this is related, but in the past at my company we have had issue where user report very strange issues with Interaction Desktop that don't make any sense and it turns out that their Windows Profile had become corrupted and we had have a different team remove and recreate their Windows profile. I am not sure if this is what the fix was but that is also something that came to mind.

    Sorry I don't have a better answer...if I was able to access my past tickets on the Genesys Support site I would be able to tell you what we did to resolve this. 

    Michael Bishop
    UnitedHealth Group/Optum

  • 5.  RE: Monitored Apperances status icons only suddenly stop displaying

    Posted 04-02-2024 11:30

    Appreciate the responses from both you and Guchan .  The end users affected only use Interaction Desktop.  I tried logging into their profiles last night after hours and the status icons were fine on both profiles on my computer.  Unfortunately I have no access to the server settings at all, another team handles all of that.  I'm going to try to do a repair of the install before I engage that team.  I will also try to log in as myself on their computer once they share their desktop with me.  That's a good thought to see if it is just them or anyone on their system.  

    Michael Coughlan
    Delta Dental Plan of Michigan, Inc.

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