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  • 1.  Callback reporting - Offered

    Posted 10-05-2021 09:03
    Good morning,

    Is there a way to stop callback to double count the Call Offered stats when getting a Queue Summary and Details report?

    I explain myself; Let say in a day I receive 100 calls, which 40 of them turn into Callback because the caller didn't want to wait online.  The Call Offered in the Queue Summary and Details will show 140 calls Offered, which is false in my point of view.  NICE WFM is reporting the right numbers....

    Those 40 callback are the same inbound call, they are not two different... it's just that the person, instead of waiting, decided to be called when an agent become available so technically, it's the same call, just a different way of waiting to be answer.

    Do I need to Duplicate the Queue Summary and Details Report and change the way the system summarized the Call Offered?

    Sylvain Richard
    Global Excel Management Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Callback reporting - Offered

    GCAP Member
    Posted 10-06-2021 10:28

    Hi Sylvain - Assuming you are running the report in ICBM, you should be able to either filter out the callbacks in the Media Type parameters, or break them out in the Group By parameters.

    How are you receiving the report?

    Raymond Hicks
    Sutter Health