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TransAction Server Logs

  • 1.  TransAction Server Logs

    GCAP Member
    Posted 06-11-2021 08:53
    Hi All,

    I have suddenly notice that in our Dev Environment, that our transaction logs is going craze to the toon of over 100 logs files created per day. I did check ININ Tracing Configuration and it is set to 41, like the other logs. This looks to have started this week, but no system changes were made. I see i n the logs it mentioneds AnalyticsTrans, thinking it my be Insights, which we don't use, i disabled the AnalyticsBridge subsystem, but that didn't resolve the issue.

    This is what i am seeing over and over in the logs and i can't seem to figure out what is causing this call. I have used IP Manager to see if any Handlers are going bonkers, but everything looks normal there, so this isn't being called from the handler.  I have done switchovers and restarted both CIC servers, closed all Interaction Desktops, ICBM and Interactive Administrator application that are connected to those servers and logs still being written.

    14:44:57.063[196c][Enter] eTransactionSvrReq_TranJob
    14:44:57.063[196c][Destroyed] DispatcherLib::JobWaitlist::QueueImpl::~QueueImpl()
    14:44:57.063[196c]DispatcherLib::JobWaitlist::ReactivateQueue(): Queue 0x0BE11E80 is empty and has been deleted. QueuesInWaitlist=0, TotalQueueCount=0
    14:44:57.063[196c]eTransactionSvrReq_TranJob: Calling ExecTran for Tran: "AddAttendantSetting" ("AnalyticsTrans"); Tran timeout: 60 seconds
    14:44:57.063[196c]CI3DBTranServerNet::SetProvider: Successfully released previous II3DBTranProvider interface "ININ.I3DBTranSPProviderU.1" to the pool.
    14:44:57.063[196c]CI3DBTranServerNet::SetProvider: Successfully obtained II3DBTranProvider interface "ININ.I3DBTranSPProviderU.1" from the pool.
    14:44:57.063[196c]CI3DBTranServerNet::ExecTran: Calling provider ExecTran in CI3DBTranServerNet::ExecTran; tran = "AddAttendantSetting"...
    14:44:57.063[196c]CI3DBTranSPProvider::ExecTran: Entering CI3DBTranSPProvider::ExecTran with:
    Tran = "AddAttendantSetting"
    Uid = "AnalyticsTrans"
    SP = "spivr_AddAttendantSetting"
    ConnInfo = "ICDS:IC Tracker"
    Catalog = ""
    Schema = "ININ_ANALYTICS"
    Timeout = 60
    TxnId = ""
    TxnReq = 1
    TxnIso = 2
    ReadOnly = false
    InclPMD = false
    ParmPtr = 0x08ECC060
    RowLimit = 0
    InclRSMD = false
    RowSetPtr = 0x08ECC4F8
    AddlInfo = "RelayResponseObject=/gC0AP////9lAAAAKwCzIwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA9cssAEA??;"
    ErrMsgPtr = 0x07074650

    14:44:57.063[196c]CI3ODBCConnectionCache::GetConnection: Entering CI3ODBCConnectionCache::GetConnection; DSN/drvConnStr = 'Driver={SQL Server Native Client 11.0};Database=**************************NETWORK=dbmssocn;Trusted_Connection=yes;UID=******;PWD=**********'; TxnID = ''; TxnIsoLvl = 2; access mode = 0.

    I am just not sure where to go from here so i am hoping somebody  has anybody experienced this or can point me in a direction to look at?

    Scott Williams
    Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority

  • 2.  RE: TransAction Server Logs

    GCAP Member
    Posted 06-14-2021 15:06

    Just to close the loop on this. While troubleshooting i found that the transaction log was going crazy, but only when running on our primary server. If we switched over we did not see the same behavior with those logs. After talking with our VAR support they suggested that i could be a hung PMQ file and to look in that direction and turns out where the issue was.

    In the PMQ folder I  found that directory DataPipeLineBridge\IVREvent folder had active PMQ files going back to beginning of May and none of them were in a .err format. Some how these files were not being processed properly, but were not erroring out either. The issue was resolved by deleting those files, of course i deleted them after switching over to our secondary CIC server.

    Thank you

    Scott Williams
    Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority