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  • 1.  Callbacks

    GCAP Member
    Posted 03-01-2021 14:58

    I am looking for callback input.
    It seems when we have high call volumes we have customers that will request a callback and then call the contact center a second or third time requesting another callback with the same customer callback information.  We would like to add additional configuration to our callbacks that would prevent a caller from requesting additional callbacks providing their return telephone number is the same.
    Has anyone encountered this scenario and if so, how was this addressed? Can a handler be called to prevent the additional callback?

    I really appreciate all of the feedback from the community on my past discussions.  I have learned a lot from not only my questions but others as well.

    Thank you!

    Tina Yocum
    NorthWestern Corporation

  • 2.  RE: Callbacks

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 03-02-2021 07:30
    Edited by ryan hedlund 03-02-2021 07:30
    I have not done this but was prepared for the business to bring this up. I write some data to custom attributes and map them to the custom attributes table for callbacks.

    So what we do since we don't have the callers ANI as most our callers are transferred from another business is I ask the caller for their callback number, since i have this now in an attribute i could do a quick data dip to see if this number is in the custom field in the custom attributes Table and do some date check etc. and then if not continue to create callback or play some message saying we already have that callback number scheduled for today.

    That's just how I plan to handle it if it arises.

    ryan hedlund

  • 3.  RE: Callbacks

    Posted 03-02-2021 10:07
    I created a handler to check the calling from number against the workgroup prior to offering a callback. It also emails me when this occurs. Attached it the handler

    Richard Smidt
    Smart Start, Inc

  • 4.  RE: Callbacks

    Posted 03-02-2021 10:11
    Tina, if you didn't get the attachment. Pleas email me at richard.smidt@smartstartinc.com and I will send you the handler.

    Richard Smidt
    Smart Start, Inc