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Crashing Constantly

  • 1.  Crashing Constantly

    GCAP Member
    Posted 02-22-2021 13:04

    We recently updated from 2018R4P34 to 2020R3P7.
    We had hoped we would see a performance improvement with Optimizer but it is sadly disappointing.  Our scheduler's ICBM crashes almost daily. Her computer exceeds the hardware requirements to run Optimizer by leaps and bounds.  With the updates, we a have some agents that cannot see their schedule in a week view but only monthly.  We have 2 agents that cannot see their March 1st schedule unless they look at the month of March.
    We have opened countless tickets in the past for the very same crashing issues as well as a recent ticket since the update. The tickets do not offer much in the way of resolution besides an occasional workaround.  I am extremely frustrated at the inability to properly troubleshoot this issue with support and have an actual resolution.

    If you have experienced similar issues and have thoughts on how to address these issues or have a resolution, please share!

    Thank you!


    Tina Yocum
    NorthWestern Corporation

  • 2.  RE: Crashing Constantly

    GCAP Member
    Posted 02-23-2021 01:38

    We have similar issues, response we have had is that ICBM logs show the PC as out of memory.
    The PC doesn't think it is much above 50% (of 32GB) used. Support's solution is to ask for yet more log files.
    I suspect the code has memory limitations that Genesys do not want to spend the effort addressing.

    Tarquin Bell
    Precision Administration Services (Pty) Ltd