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Alerting and trasfer to external number

  • 1.  Alerting and trasfer to external number

    Posted 10-09-2019 10:27

    Hi all,

    I'm exposing a problem we have from a customer to see if you have any ideas to mitigate it.

    The call is queued by an ivr and, after 3 minutes, is transferred to an external number.
    if an agent is available to take call few second before the Acd timeout (in our example 3 minutes), the Agent go in alerting but the call is grabbed by the timeout of the ACD and transferred outside.

    The Agent see the call for less than 1 sec but is unable to pickup the call due to ACD timeout.

    Is there a way to avoid this behaviour?

    Thank you for your help!


    Andrea Clivati
    Bizmatica Sistemi S.p.a.

  • 2.  RE: Alerting and trasfer to external number

    Posted 10-09-2019 10:30
    Set the agent to auto-answer ACD calls. That will lessen the chance of the call being transferred externally while waiting for the agent to pick up the call.

    It is still a race condition, but much less likely to happen.

    The other option is to staff more agents to cut down on the wait time. :-)

    George Ganahl GCP (PureCloud) ICCE CCXP
    Principal Technology Consultant