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  • 1.  Log tracking changes made - User not identified

    Posted 02-03-2020 04:51

    Hi There

    Question in term of tracking who does what.

    If a Supervisor logs into ICBM and decides to disconnect an interaction/s from within Workgroup views / queues views (pretty much any view in ICBM)

    Without the interaction first been picked up and connected to a User, the interaction will be written to the DB as disconnected (Local Disconnect).

    However in the SQL DB record there is no reference to who disconnected the interaction. 

    Is there a way to track eho did this as Admin is not not stated either as logged in?

    Thank you
    Best Regard 


    Carl Van Der Merwe
    Pivotal Data (Pty) Ltd

  • 2.  RE: Log tracking changes made - User not identified

    Posted 02-03-2020 10:14

    This question comes up pretty regularly with my customers. The system won't log who disconnects interactions in the scenario you have outlined. You can find who disconnected them but this requires you to go spelunking through logs and also some of the logs will be need to be turned up past default to see this activity. Basically it is not exactly the easiest thing to track down. If this is happening often might I suggest you reconsider the rights you are assigning your supervisors. When I install the phone system usually the customer wants the supervisors to have rights to modify the queues but they never really explain why they want the supervisors to have rights to do this.

    It's been my experience when supervisors have rights to modify the queues often times this causes more problems than it fixes. If a call is picked up or transferred out of the queue it does not report correctly in the ACD statistics. Also, as you have learned supervisors can accidentally disconnect these interactions which is not exactly clear why or how it happened.  Is it possible for you to remove the supervisor's rights to modify queues which would "fix" this issue of tracking down who is disconnecting interactions from within the queue display?


    Mark Tatera

    Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer. Any suggestions or programming changes I suggest come with no warranty and should be tried at your own risk. If my comment helped you or solved your problem please consider marking my comment as best answer.

  • 3.  RE: Log tracking changes made - User not identified

    Posted 02-04-2020 09:39
    Hi Mark

    Thanks for your reply and feedback. Yes, this was picked up by a supervisor looking for a message they had inadvertently disconnected.
    Generally, the customer would put enough faith in their employees to not need to search for this as it would hopefully be a rare mistake.
    You luckily don't lose the messages, but it would help in finding the exact one to have an option like this but as explained it's not here ...yet :) 

    The question then got raised that If the supervisors want to use the function to help drop the messages in the queue when finding spam to help reduce the load on the team's queue.  This is an option but we advised that this still runs the risk of them removing valid messages in the queue if not managed properly. 

    The disconnect option is 2nd on the list in the drop menu, making it easier to select but you do get prompted to confirm so there is that 2nd check as well.
    We don't want to make unnecessary changes to the system and add additional dev work if not needed so we will push back.

    Thanks again :)!! 

    Kind Regards 

    Carl Van Der Merwe
    Pivotal Data (Pty) Ltd

  • 4.  RE: Log tracking changes made - User not identified

    Posted 02-03-2020 10:37
    I'd need to dig around to see if this is possible, but if the name of the user disconnectring is available as an attribute, you could add it as custom information to the database and report on it (for further information on doing this, please see the PureConnect Custom Reporting class.)

    If it isn't available, you MIGHT be able to modify one of the Handlers involved in the Disconnect to add this as a Custom Attrribute (and then see the previous paragraph!)


  • 5.  RE: Log tracking changes made - User not identified

    Posted 02-04-2020 09:47
    While it won't tell you who disconnected the call, you could at least look at CallIdKey's where InteractionSummary.Disposition = 3.  A code of 3 here represents calls that are Locally Disconnected while waiting in queue.  From the Tracker Documentation:

    And still no silver bullet, but if you have enabled the Enhanced IA Change Log Report Log, you could also query the database for users that have the ability to modify the queue in question, and get a list of users who have the ability to perform that action.

  • 6.  RE: Log tracking changes made - User not identified

    Posted 02-04-2020 09:56
    Hi Trent

    Thank you for the added info!!

    Yes, we can see a list of users and there are a few supervisors, we just can't pinpoint it.
    Trust is the name of the game when this happens.

    Much appreciated!!

    Kind Regards 
    Carl v.d Merwe

    Carl Van Der Merwe
    Pivotal Data (Pty) Ltd

  • 7.  RE: Log tracking changes made - User not identified

    Posted 06-01-2021 10:44
    Dears , 

    Are still unable to identify who disconnects the interaction while it was waiting on queue?

    David Maged

    David Maged
    IST Integration Services And Technologies Co.

  • 8.  RE: Log tracking changes made - User not identified

    Posted 26 days ago

    Hello ,

    Any idea how to find who disconnect the interaction

    David Majed
    Jathwa Technical for Information Technology Company Ltd.

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