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Intra-Day Monitoring (Reforecasting)

  • 1.  Intra-Day Monitoring (Reforecasting)

    Posted 10 days ago
    Hi Everyone,

    My team has been looking to utilize the reforecasting capabilities found with the Intra-Day Monitoring screen in Optimizer,  prior to using it to provide the business with staff movement recommendations we had some questions,  hoping the some of you may be able to assist us

    1. Is it possible to overwrite manually the reforecasted values for AHT and Call volume the system calculates?
    2. Is there any type of audit functionality within the Intra-Day monitoring screens to preserve the original reforecasted values in the event you wanted to conduct a post mortem.
    3, Are you able to confidently trust the reforecasted values if you have less than 4 hrs of actual data?

    Any assistance would be appreciated!



    Dalvir Dhamrait, CPA, CMA
    Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

  • 2.  RE: Intra-Day Monitoring (Reforecasting)

    GCAP Member
    Posted 7 days ago
    You can 'over write' the reforecast values, however, it can only be adjusted up or down using percentages that would apply all of the intervals (You can't adjust 12:00 PM to something specific and 12:30 PM to something else). At a basic level, the reforecast simply applies a percent change to the remaining intervals for the day. If you are 10% over forecast and you set the reforecast to +10%, it will increase each interval by 10%.
    The reforecast feature is at the individual user level.  Meaning, I can run a re-forecast on my machine, but that doesn't change anything else for anyone else.  Everyone else would still see the original forecast values.​ If you were to pull the forecast numbers from the database, they would still how the original forecast.
    Whether or not 4 hours of data is sufficient for you group depends on your groups.  I have a group with smaller volumes and inexplicable spike is volume.  So we may be 10% under forecast all day, then the spike happens for an hour and suddenly we're 2% OVER forecast.  For that group, I like the reforecast info to decide the next hour or so. Another group I have, the distributions are pretty consistent, so rarely any spikes; so, after about 2 hours we can see how far off we will be for the day.

    Kenn Lambing