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Add a field to AIM YGC debtor record export

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  • 1.  Add a field to AIM YGC debtor record export

    Posted 06-20-2019 14:50
    I am curious if anyone knows how I would add the debtors.language code to the YGC export utilized by AIM.  I found the proc I beleive would need to be modified 'YGC_Placement_SelectTransactionsReadyForFile' and also added in AIM to the Export Layout Definer for YGC ? Placements the field name I assigned in the proc.  I have to believe I am missing one more simple step as I am not getting the additional field to output.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    John Everman
    Guru DNA Technology Consultants
    CEO / Founder

  • 2.  RE: Add a field to AIM YGC debtor record export

    Posted 06-26-2019 15:16
    Hi John -- If you're still looking for assistance here, feel free to reach out to Latitude Support. Happy to help.

    Mike Mitchell
    Director, PureConnect Global Product Support - Add-Ons & Integrations

  • 3.  RE: Add a field to AIM YGC debtor record export
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    Posted 06-26-2019 17:06
    Hi John,

        Hope you are doing well. I was able to add the field to the YGC export definition using the AIM Export Layout Definer as you did. You are correct that the stored proc that needs to be modified is the [dbo].[YGC_Placement_SelectTransactionsReadyForFile]. I modified mine to test this just adding a 'dummy' field as such to the first data result that is gathering the primary debtor ('02' as the [Record Code]) and added this as the last column in the SELECT ('KAR' as [D1_TEST]). What I would look at is to ensure that the change you made in the Export Layout Definer was saved. I would do so by casting the information to XML in a SQL query:

    select cast(value as xml) From aim_appsetting
    where [key] = 'YGC.ExportDefinition.Placements'

    <record dataTableName="Debtor" key="*" maxOccurs="1" tableType="Sub" width="0" relation="NewClaim.FILENO=Debtor.FILENO">
    <column name="Record Code" dataType="string" sorting="0" format="" width="2" databaseField="" />
    <column name="FILENO" dataType="string" sorting="1" format="" width="10" databaseField="" />
    <column name="FORW_FILE" dataType="string" sorting="2" format="" width="20" databaseField="" />
    <column name="MASCO_FILE" dataType="string" sorting="3" format="" width="15" databaseField="" />
    <column name="FORW_ID" dataType="string" sorting="4" format="" width="10" databaseField="" />
    <column name="FIRM_ID" dataType="string" sorting="5" format="" width="10" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_NAME" dataType="string" sorting="6" format="" width="30" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_SALUT" dataType="string" sorting="7" format="" width="1" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_ALIAS" dataType="string" sorting="8" format="" width="25" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_STREET" dataType="string" sorting="9" format="" width="25" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_CS" dataType="string" sorting="10" format="" width="23" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_ZIP" dataType="string" sorting="11" format="" width="9" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_PHONE" dataType="string" sorting="12" format="" width="12" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_FAX" dataType="string" sorting="13" format="" width="12" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_SSN" dataType="string" sorting="14" format="" width="15" databaseField="" />
    <column name="RFILE" dataType="string" sorting="15" format="" width="8" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_DOB" dataType="dateTime" sorting="16" format="yyyyMMdd" width="8" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_DL" dataType="string" sorting="17" format="" width="17" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_STATE" dataType="string" sorting="18" format="" width="3" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_MAIL" dataType="String" sorting="19" format="" width="1" databaseField="" />
    <column name="SERVICE_D" dataType="dateTime" sorting="20" format="yyyyMMdd" width="8" databaseField="" />
    <column name="ANSWER_DUE_D" dataType="dateTime" sorting="21" format="yyyyMMdd" width="8" databaseField="" />
    <column name="ANSWER_FILE_D" dataType="dateTime" sorting="22" format="yyyyMMdd" width="8" databaseField="" />
    <column name="DEFAULT_D" dataType="dateTime" sorting="23" format="yyyyMMdd" width="8" databaseField="" />
    <column name="TRIAL_D" dataType="dateTime" sorting="24" format="yyyyMMdd" width="8" databaseField="" />
    <column name="HEARING_D" dataType="dateTime" sorting="25" format="yyyyMMdd" width="8" databaseField="" />
    <column name="LIEN_D" dataType="dateTime" sorting="26" format="yyyyMMdd" width="8" databaseField="" />
    <column name="GARN_D" dataType="dateTime" sorting="27" format="yyyyMMdd" width="8" databaseField="" />
    <column name="SERVICE_TYPE" dataType="String" sorting="28" format="" width="4" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_STRT2" dataType="String" sorting="29" format="" width="25" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_CITY" dataType="String" sorting="30" format="" width="30" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_CELL" dataType="String" sorting="31" format="" width="12" databaseField="" />
    <column name="SCORE_FICO" dataType="int" sorting="32" format="" width="3" databaseField="" />
    <column name="SCORE_COLLECT" dataType="int" sorting="33" format="" width="3" databaseField="" />
    <column name="SCORE_OTHER" dataType="int" sorting="34" format="" width="3" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_CNTRY" dataType="String" sorting="35" format="" width="3" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_STREET_LONG" dataType="String" sorting="36" format="" width="50" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_STREET2_LONG" dataType="String" sorting="37" format="" width="50" databaseField="" />
    <column name="D1_TEST" dataType="String" sorting="38" format="" width="3" databaseField="" />

    After checking that the YGC Placement file I created did have the new field present.

    Kevin R

    Kevin Roiz
    Genesys - Employees

  • 4.  RE: Add a field to AIM YGC debtor record export

    Posted 06-26-2019 17:16
    Thanks so much Kevin. I will give this a try and update the post with my findings. I really appreciate the detail. 

    John Everman
    (913) 302-9615
    (sent from my phone)

  • 5.  RE: Add a field to AIM YGC debtor record export

    Posted 07-11-2019 16:18


    This was perfect.  In fact exactly as I had done previously.  So, I will call out my own shenanigans and identify the issue for anyone else trying this in the future.  Make really sure...that you set the width of the field you are adding to be exported.  HaHa  As one would expect if you leave it at a 0 width nothing will output.  Oops simple oversight.


    Thanks again!



    John Everman

    Guru DNA Technology Consultants

    CEO / Founder

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  • 6.  RE: Add a field to AIM YGC debtor record export

    Posted 07-11-2019 16:57
    Awesome John! Glad I could help out.

    Take care!
    Kevin R

    Kevin Roiz
    Genesys - Employees