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Screen recording setup

  • 1.  Screen recording setup

    GCAP Member
    Posted 09-09-2019 20:31
    Hi everyone
    Looking for any advice or configuration help for when you had or have setup the screen recording function in Purecloud.

    I have followed the resource center page  and completed a policy and enable the appropriate permissions in accordance to the page but have been unable to capture any recordings.
    Agents are using the desktop app, we are using voice recording and line recording is enabled.

    I have raised a ticket with support but if you have configured or setup the screen recording before is there anything else I need to check to get it to work?

    Ports, additional permissions for admins, permissions for agents?

    Thanks in advance

    Darryn Chang
    Stuff Limited
    New Zealand
    3 Years Purecloud

  • 2.  RE: Screen recording setup

    Posted 09-11-2019 16:49
    We were never able to get screen recording working while we were on our network (in office) but was able to get it to work when agents were connected via VPN.  It is probably a port that is being blocked by your firewall or something similar, or ports blocked at the workstation.

    I know that this isn't very helpful, as I don't know what ports were needed - but I do know that it works as long as an agent has the desktop application open and logged in (even if they are not using it) and a policy that says to record the screens - and it sounds like you've done those steps.​
    Transport/Port (Application) Destination Description

    tcp/3478 (STUN)

    udp/3478 (STUN)

    tcp/19302 (STUN)

    udp/19302 (STUN)

    PureCloud, Amazon AWS


    Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) is an egress connection that informs a host of its public IP address used for media-based communications.
    udp/49152–65535 (SRTP) PureCloud, Amazon AWS The secured transmission of streaming media (audio and video).

    PureCloud System Owner

  • 3.  RE: Screen recording setup

    GCAP Member
    Posted 10-07-2019 02:18
    @Brenda Wynne
    Sure enough the ports on the company firewall, we tested and got it to function with a few tweaks on addresses.

    Now to figure out how some people are using the browser and running the desktop in the background. Id like to avoid the annoying reconnect message but i dont think that will go away.

    Appreciate the advice

    Darryn Chang
    Stuff Limited
    New Zealand
    3 Years Purecloud

  • 4.  RE: Screen recording setup

    Posted 9 days ago
    Our security team refuses to open up all of the ports citing the risk (?) so now, we are only able to record screens of agents when they are working from home.  We tried using an AD policy so only users of a certain group would have those ports open - but found out that the traffic is marked as "anonymous user" instead of the actual user's name / account so that didn't work.

    I have no idea if Genesys plans to restrict those ports in the future - like they are doing with WebRTC phones.  Maybe for a fee.....

    Brenda Wynne
    Alcon Vision LLC