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Generic Object Priority

  • 1.  Generic Object Priority

    Posted 02-13-2020 08:50

    we have set up to route our offline tasks using ICWS into generic objects. Everything is working fine, but it looks like the priority that we set on the interactions isn't working properly.

    We are adding a value to the EIC_AttDynamicWorkgroupPriority attribute, which is visible in business manager when we look, but they are not being answered in the correct order of priority. The workgroup it is being sent into is an ACD workgroup.

    I cannot find any documentation that would indicate generic objects have their own priority attributes or do not enter into the ACD/priority calculation.

    Has anyone else come across this before?

    Chris Tancred
    IKEA Limited

  • 2.  RE: Generic Object Priority

    GCAP Member
    Posted 02-13-2020 09:33
    Eic_Att = Attendant attribute.  There are special places in Attendant designed to consume these attributes (although you can use them in other places, the system doesn't generally).  Since you are using ICWS to generate a Generic Object, I am guessing you are not using attendant in this workflow.  You can look at how the interaction is scored in the ACD logs (if they are turned up appropriately) to validate this.

    Since priority is taken at the "Initiate ACD Processing" tool, I would start looking at the Generic Object related system handler that initiates ACD processing and see how that derives priority and then work backwards to determine how to interact with it.  The handler in this case would be "AcdInitiateGenericObject", I believe.  I am not telling you to modify the base handler, though.  I am saying I would look at how this is deriving priority through the attributes it pulls in and then determine how to interact with them.

    A cursory glance makes it appear that the handler is looking for the attribute "c_sAcdCustomPriority" on the interaction, but I am not certain of the formatting it is expecting.  You may need to debug an example in your development environment.

    State of Utah

  • 3.  RE: Generic Object Priority

    Posted 02-13-2020 09:46
    Hi Chris,

    Try using Custom_AcdPriority attribute instead and set it prior to sending the generic object for ACD processing.
    I have used it a few times in my handlers and it works perfectly.


    Vineet Kakroo
    FIL Investment Management Ltd