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Priority Settings in ACD

  • 1.  Priority Settings in ACD

    Posted 01-21-2019 05:09

    I am trying to determine the correct priority setting in the ACD by setting "Eic_AttDynamicWorkgroupPriority" to the correct level for two separate call flows that route to the same workgroup.

    We receive calls from two streams, the first is Indirect, where the calls have already been with another team but are unanswered after 40 seconds. The second stream are Direct calls. Now I want to give the first indirect stream priority, because they have already waited 40 seconds to have the call answered, so they should have the higher priority than the direct calls.

    As the calls are going to the same workgroup, I understand the calculation on which call is answered first, will be dependent only upon the TimeInQueue and the Priority setting. I read somewhere that the "weighting" for TimeInQueue increases by 1 for every 30 seconds in the queue. If this is correct, then if I set the Direct Calls to have a priority of 50 and the indirect Calls to 52, then the following scenarios apply.

    Calls enter queue – Indirect Calls will have priority of 52 compared to Direct at 50 so  Indirect Calls will be answered first

    Calls in queue – After 1 minute, a Direct Call will have priority of 52, so this will have the same priority as an Indirect Call just entering the queue, so they will both have a weighting of 52 and it will likely be whichever was first to get to that score.


    Is my logic correct? Is the priority setting that precise?


    Philip Last
    Arvato Limited

  • 2.  RE: Priority Settings in ACD

    GCAP Member
    Posted 01-21-2019 10:13
    From the work I've done with priority, this seems correct.  I always create a few test cases and test these out in DEV, though, and then validate in the ACD logs unless something is fairly simple.  I'm guessing you already know this, but just to make sure, the "Time In Queue" referenced in the interaction score is only relative to the current workgroup, so previous workgroups waiting times are not cumulative.

    Aaron Lael
    State of Utah

  • 3.  RE: Priority Settings in ACD

    GCAP Member
    Posted 01-21-2019 14:21
    Edited by Scott Williams 01-21-2019 14:22
    I agree, that is how i understand it and seen it work. One caveat to this is if you do anything with skills (Add or remove) once it has entered the queue. When the skills get updated the interaction is removed from the ACD queue and then placed back in, which resets time in queue. so if you are updating skills faster then 30 seconds, the priority will never increase.

    Scott Williams
    Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority

  • 4.  RE: Priority Settings in ACD

    Posted 01-22-2019 18:04
    Alternatively, if you don't mind going the Handlers route, you could use Custom ACD. That then opens up the possibility of using "Time in System" as part of the calculation (either as well as, or instead of, "Time in Queue"). That way, the caller gets "credit for time served", whether it's bouncing around the IVR, or waiting in another workgroup. It would also allow you to change the "30 seconds" and the "1" values (if you wanted to).

    Your proposal would (kind of) work, but remember the indirect calls have been waiting for 40 seconds, which is not a whole number of 30-second units. If you set the priority to 52 for these calls, then their score would be equivalent to a direct call that had been waiting for a full minute, not 40 seconds. This may not matter, but given the detail you are going into with your solution, I suspect that it might!

    To answer your last question, yes, it is.

    Paul Simpson
    Senior Technical Instructor

  • 5.  RE: Priority Settings in ACD

    Posted 07-09-2019 02:35
    Hi Paul,

    Please correct me if my  understating is right on "Time in Queue" Value.

    Initial its value is 0
    after 30 seconds =1
    after 60 seconds = 2
    After 90 seconds = 3

    Is this how this value will get incremented?

    while calculating the final interaction score, not the exact time spent in queue (like 85 seconds) will be consider but the above value( like 2, since call still within 90 seconds) right?

    Interaction Score = (Agent's Skill Score * Weight for Skills) + (Priority * Weight for Priority) +

                                      (Time in Queue * Weight for Time in Queue) + (Time in System * Weight for Time in System).

    halesha sn

    Halesha Nagarajappa
    Accenture India

  • 6.  RE: Priority Settings in ACD

    Posted 07-09-2019 16:29
    Hi Halesha,

    That is pretty much it, yes. The defualt weights are all 1, with the exception of Weight of Time in System, which is zero. (also, for the sake of completeness, I should point out that the weight for Skill Desire to use is also zero by default). To change those weightings, you need to use Custom ACD.

    Just a couple of additional comments / points...

    1. The reason 30 seconds is 1, 60 is two and so on is because the weight for Time in Queue defaults to 1. THis can be changed (as can the interval) in Custom ACD
    2. I know when choosing between agents who end up with the same score, the final "tie breaker" is the actual availability time. I haven't checked, but I suspect that the same will be true for interactions with the same score (although I wouldn't know if it uses Time in Queue or Time in System to do this).
    I hope that helps.

    Paul Simpson
    Senior Technical Instructor

  • 7.  RE: Priority Settings in ACD

    Posted 07-15-2019 13:09
    If you're familiar with the PureConnect logs, you can actually see the calculation being used to determine which interaction will get higher priority. You might have to increase your log level first, but it's really insightful to determine why a specific interaction was routed before another one.

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