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External Telcos and Caller ID Databases

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    Posted 13 days ago
    Edited by Barry Farrington 13 days ago
    I'm looking to my community peeps for assistance on how to determine what telco carriers are using for caller ID associated to business lines.  The context of the issue is this:

    In the last few days, we engaged the advanced dialing feature for four of our production call center business lines.  The caller ID name (CNAM) and phone number (CLID) appears to work great when we call a customer with Comcast as their telco carrier.

    However, when we call a customer on T-Mobile, the caller ID name is...well...something completely different from what we're sending...and definitely nothing to do with our company.  As I am a T-Mobile customer, I was able to speak with their tech support and confirmed that they did have the incorrect business name, which they can correct.  However, they have to be given a caller ID name.  They can't just take and display what gets sent via advanced dialing.

    Now - that being said - this takes care of one carrier.  However, there are others out there.  Given that, does anyone know of a source (or sources) that I can check to see what other telco carriers are displaying for caller ID for a given number?  Or if there is another means to make this happen, that would be great.  I'd like to see if I can make other corrections, where applicable.  Keep in mind that the phone numbers in question are toll-free numbers, which CNAM doesn't currently support, so I would be very interested to see if anyone has found a way around this, outside of calling each carrier and asking them to place our CNAM and CLID in their database

    Any advice that you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


    Barry Farrington
    Senior Contact Center IVR & ACD System Administrator