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What happen when Agent Disconnect ACD call without pickup

  • 1.  What happen when Agent Disconnect ACD call without pickup

    Posted 02-13-2020 02:56
    Hi All,
    I just surprised of system behavior on this scenario:

    If the Agent disconnect an ACD call without pickup the system will count this call as answer !!!

    this is what happen when i test the scenario in my lap.

    i have customer who Suffers from the agents, they disconnect the calls once its ring in there station and the call count as answered whech is wrong.

    In Addition some agents are just pot the call on hold for 5 to 10 min until the caller disconnect. and its count as answered too .

    do any one know how to change this system behavior or how to control on Agents.

    Thank You


    Mohammad Abd-Alrahman


  • 2.  RE: What happen when Agent Disconnect ACD call without pickup

    Posted 02-17-2020 11:36

    This does not seem right to me although most call centers I work with use auto answer so my experience with allowing the agents to pick up the interaction is somewhat limited. Where specifically in the reports/tables are you seeing the call count as answered when the agent disconnects the call while alerting?

    In regards to agents putting callers on hold for 5 to 10 minutes until the customer disconnects assuming the agent actually picks up the call before putting the caller on hold I would expect this to count as answered as well. It is a little unclear from your description if the agent is picking up the interaction or not.

    In both of these scenarios regardless of if the call is counting as answered (Depending on specific behavior this could be expected) or not this is really a QA/training issue.  Although I will admit if the metrics are truly not reporting correctly an incident with your VAR would be suggested. You should be able to find interactions with very little agent talk time and then review them to see what the agent was doing, this would also work for interactions with very long hold time. The QA team would focus on these interactions to see if the agents are engaging in call behavior tactics and if they are then disciplinary action should be taken.

    I learned a long time ago that it is futile to attempt to create technical solutions to prevent agents from avoiding calls as they will continue to find ways. In my opinion it's best to set up metrics/monitoring around the behavior to catch it and if the agent don't stop then look for new agents.


    Mark Tatera

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  • 3.  RE: What happen when Agent Disconnect ACD call without pickup

    Posted 02-18-2020 12:33

    They are reporting as designed per the Data Dictionary. 


    Abandoned queue interactions occur on a distribution queue when a queue interaction disconnects before it enters a Client_Connected state (that is, an agent or user picks it up). In the Queue Period Statistics reports, abandons are the number of ACD related queue interactions that abandoned the queue during the interval.

    Abandons include:

    • Disconnects before the queue interaction is connected to a user or agent. This only includes remote disconnects. CIC has special processing to count local disconnects as answered, then disconnected.

    As far as stopping it, as Mark eluded to using Auto Answer may help; however, I'm not sure you can systematically fix this unless you can disable the local disconnect. First step is to ensure it is communicated to all agents that will be considered call avoidance and or customer abuse and disciplinary action should be used.
    If they are being disconnected in queue before they are assigned or alerted to an agent it may be difficult to find out who actually disconnected. You may be able to determine this by ensuring your tracing is turned all the way up and then you could use the query below to identify the interactions that are being disconnected and then pull the IP Logs to determine who disconnected.

    SELECT  [InteractionIDKey]

    FROM [InteractionSummary]

    WHERE [StartDateTimeUTC] > = '2020-02-15'  AND Direction = '1'  AND ConnectionType = '1'   AND nTalk = '0'  AND CallEventLog Like '%Local Disconnect%'


    Brad Goff
    Palo Alto Networks, Inc.