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  • 1.  Reg F - Final Patch Issues

    Posted 11-29-2021 14:18
    Unfortunately we couldn't implement this patch on Saturday so we missed the war room. We were able to get the patch installed correctly at this point but are experiencing issues with the exchange clients.

    We followed the instructions to update the new business client using the new schema xml file and we've been unsuccessful in getting it to work.

    The first issue we notice is one I reported before outside of the community page. I can open a file through "Open Sample File" but when I clicked "Preview Data" it just pops up a warning saying "Please select a file." - screenshot attached

    If I try to proceed to actually use the client, I get another error and the process ends. " 'column argument cannot be null. Parameter name: column..." - screenshot attached

    We ran into this in the beta patch and I worked with Kevin O'brien to get around the bad schema file issue by using the "Add Generic Table to Dest Schema" option and adding in the itemization table. When I did that in beta, everything worked fine. However, when we do this in production we consistently get errors on all records and the job takes an enormous amount of time to complete. Errors are:
    • Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    • Column 'EMAILTYPECD' does not belong to table DEBTORS.
    • Column 'ALLOWCALL' does not belong to table PHONES.

    We went back to the original versions of the clients and ran the imports again. The errors mentioned above still occur but the job finishes in a reasonable amount of time and all the data loads properly.

    When running with the Itemization Balance table mapped, we had our SQL server admin team take a look to see what they see running and they came back to us and said they see the job running the UPDATE ib (Itemization Balance update) during the new business. This really shouldn't be running since it's not adding financial transactions. Even still, that shouldn't take that long. However, after some digging I found two different triggers for the IB update. One is attached to the IB table and the other is attached to the Payhistory table. (screenshots attached)

    Should there be two triggers?
    Is anyone else reporting issues with the schema files?
    Is anyone else reporting super long processing times?

    It appears that without updating the clients, everything runs fines with the exception of those 3 errors mentioned above. It's just without the client update, nothing gets mapped to the itemization balance and itemization date unless we go back around and run a SQL update for it.


    Tony Raines
    Charter Communications Operating LLC

  • 2.  RE: Reg F - Final Patch Issues

    Posted 11-30-2021 08:41

    I will have someone from the Care team reach out to you and go through these.


    Ian Winder
    Business Owner - Latitude by Genesys