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  • 1.  Email scheduling Stopped working

    Posted 11-21-2021 07:45
    I've raised this with our support team but curious if anyone else is seeing the same issues.

    We are a BPO and handle forwarded emails on behalf of multiple customers, on varying schedules. For example;

    Client A we handle emails between 10pm and 8am daily
    Client B we handle emails only on a  weekend
    Client C we handle emails after 5pm and before 8am on weekdays and after 4pm and before 7am on weekends

    We have 42 separate schedules set up for our clients. When the schedule is not active we handle emails, when the schedule is not active the emails are disconnected. This reduces our email traffic by ~80% and ensures we do not duplicate effort between us and our clients.

    This morning at approximately 7am we noted an issue with the schedules in that all emails were being stopped and the schedules were being effectively ignored. Pinning it down to an exact time is difficult due to the outstanding issue of not being able to export recent interactions for analysis (

    I've tried creating new schedules and architect flows. This is not effective - the same behavior is seen as on the existing flows.
    I've amended the legs in Architect such that the inactive leg is connected to ACD and the active leg is connected to ACD. This works but this does not prove if the schedule is being actively checked.
    I've removed all schedule based rules for now as we need to be handling emails on behalf of our clients but thsi means I need to manually switch between a disconnect flow and a deliver to ACD flow at every schedule change which is not viable.

    Is anyone else experiencing issues with scheduling driving delivery within Architect? 


    Mark Elliott
    Lemon Business Solutions

  • 2.  RE: Email scheduling Stopped working

    Posted 11-22-2021 11:46
    Hi Mark,

    I am experiencing scheduling issues as well.  The problems I am seeing are specific to voice interactions.  I have opened a ticket with interaction ID's and hope to get this resolved soon.
    We have a M-F business hours 8am-8pm and M-F 8:01pm-7:59am after hours schedule where the caller goes to a different queue after hours.  For the weekends the business hours start at 9:00am-8:00pm and after hours runs 8:01pm- 8:59am.  We have calls going to the business hours schedule at 8:00am on the weekends instead of 9:00am and on Mondays, calls are still going to the after hours queue after 8:00am.  The scheduled times are correct as is the schedule evaluation.
    As far as I am aware, this issue started about a week ago.

    Tina Yocum
    Nxstage Medical, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Email scheduling Stopped working

    Posted 11-29-2021 08:22
    Hello, Mark.

    Would it be possible to share your region and a few interaction ids that are having issues with schedules. We recently had a Java update in the schedules area where we were having issues evaluating schedules in the America/Sao_Paulo timezone. These changes would only affect digital channels like email, chat, & messaging. The evaluation for voice interactions goes through a different subsystem.

    Dave Siukola
    Genesys - Employees