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Consult Agent Display Name in IC

  • 1.  Consult Agent Display Name in IC

    GCAP Member
    Posted 12 days ago
    I'm looking to see any there are any IC users who have experienced intermittent issues with the transfer/consult process in IC.  When we first when onto the platform, the calling agent could see the name of the consult agent when a transfer consult was initiated.


    1. Agent 1 clicks on the transfer button in the call control tool bar
    2. Types in the transfer profile name
    3. Initiates a consult event
    4. Receiving agent picks up the call
    5. Agent one can see agent two name in "consultant" area of the transfer/consult diamond diagram
    Now - we are experiencing intermittent instances where we can only see the transfer skill that is part of the transfer profile in the "consultant" area, rather than the name of the consulting agent who received the call

    Has anyone experienced this issue yet, and if so, how did you resolve for it?


    Barry Farrington
    PureConnect Administrator
    Long Term Care Partners, LLC